Retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant weighs-in on protests, police

TEMECULA, Calif. (KABC) -- Gia Rueda of Temecula served 25 years with the LAPD retiring as sergeant in 2017. Rueda has been watching the protests closely and witnessed a moment that is causing her to speak out.

A protester told a police officer "Black Lives Matter" and the officer responded, "All Lives Matter," a response Rueda feels is insensitive to this moment.

"When someone says black lives matter, it doesn't mean white lives don't matter, other lives don't matter. It just means that they have been over policed. For centuries, they've been marginalized," said Rueda

Rueda, who also served in Desert Storm, is a mother of two boys blown away by the actions of today's youth to lead this diverse movement of change.

"Clearly, not all cops are bad, but I think there is room for improvement and there's room for awareness, and for respect and if we actively listen, everybody will benefit from it," said Rueda.

And as the protests continue, we've seen more listening with real connections taking place between law enforcement and protesters. Whether it's taking a knee or showing support for a peaceful march. Rueda believes what's happening on the streets of Los Angeles is bigger and more valuable than any training police departments have received in the past.

"It's time to be quiet and listen and try to to truly understand that they have a unique perspective that they've gone through their entire lives because they weren't born with white privilege," said Rueda.

Rueda stresses she's not speaking on behalf of the LAPD, but as a private citizen sharing her personal beliefs.

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