LAPD patrolling intersections with high fatalities, injuries across city

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles officers are putting special attention on intersections that have the highest number of fatalities and severe injuries in the city.

Drivers are being cited for speeding, running lights and failing to yield. The increased enforcement is a response to a dramatic increase in traffic deaths.

According to Officer Mauricio Valdovinos, speed and people not paying attention are two of many factors that contribute to the increased injury and death rates at the intersections.

"With the unofficial start of summer coming up this weekend, we have a lot more drivers on the road, we have a lot more kids out of school and we have parents that are no longer dropping kids off in the morning so we have them traveling throughout the city," Officer Mauricio Valdovinos said.

Police are patrolling the following intersections:
  • Alvarado Street at Wilshire Boulevard
  • San Pedro Street at Florence Avenue
  • Alvarado Street at 6th Street
  • Daly Street at Broadway
  • Broadway at Gage Avenue

"We picked these five intersections because the analysis that the city has done has shown that these are the intersections that are leading in severe injuries and fatalities," Valdovinos said.

Officers in the area will also speak with pedestrians about the rules of the road and educate people on distracted driving, which is another big issue.

Many people near the dangerous streets have said it's a welcome sight to see officers keeping a close eye on the roads.
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