Protesters vandalize LAPD's Van Nuys station, set flag on fire

A group of protesters vandalized the LAPD's Van Nuys station, burning the flag and spray-painting anti-police slogans on the walls.
VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Cleanup is underway after protesters damaged the outside of a Los Angeles Police Department station in Van Nuys.

A group of roughly 50 protesters showed up Friday around 11 p.m. outside the Van Nuys station, chanting anti-police slogans and performing several acts of vandalism, including burning a flag.

Police say the group removed a flag from in front of the station and set it on fire. Others spray-painted anti-police messages on the walls of the station.

A few members of the group surrounded a police cruiser that had uniformed officers inside. They began hitting the cruiser and tried to block it from driving away. The officers were eventually able to escape by reversing out of the area.

No arrests have been made. Police asked anyone with information to call the station at (818)374-9500 or provide anonymous information to Crime Stoppers at (800)222-TIPS.
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