Large tree crushes 2 cars in Sherman Oaks neighborhood

SHERMAN OAKS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Another large tree came toppling down in Sherman Oaks Friday, this time crushing cars along the roadway.

The tree fell in the 4400 block of Woodman Avenue, near Moorpark Street, and crushed two cars in its path.

Phil Lehman, a Lyft driver, saw the whole incident. He said he was standing on the sidewalk, taking a break from working, when the tree fell.

He said no one was around so he knew there were no injuries, but his car was damaged.

"I've heard tree branches snap before and that's what it was sounding like. So I turned around and saw the whole tree come down. It squashed the car and squashed the car in front of me. It dented (my car) and scraped the paint off...I think it's going to be OK though," he said.

He was still able to drive away with working headlights.

Crews headed to the scene and used chainsaws to cut the tree up and remove it from the roadway. They estimated it would not be until sometime Saturday morning before lanes can be open on that side of Woodman Avenue.

The tree may have fallen after the soil surrounding its roots became heavily saturated by the three-day rainstorm.
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