Latin American artists travel to LA to create street art

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's artwork usually seen on the streets of Mexico City, Bogota and Sao Paulo, but now the energy and complexities of urban life in Latin America is channeled onto the walls of Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles.

"We are really happy to welcome (the artists) to Los Angeles to show their art and share the beauty and love they have with the city" said Jason Ostro, director and owner of Gabba Gallery.

"Borderless: Latin America" is a unique exhibit featuring vibrant, eye popping and at times, politically charged works by Latin American street artists Lesivo, DjLu, Erre, Toxicoomano and Binho Ribeiro.

Ostro says the name "Borderless" has particular meaning in these trying political times.

Ostro says there is an "interesting section of people who are not allowed to cross certain areas" and "art transcends that."

Art, Ostro says "can create beauty no matter where you are."

By bringing Latin American artists to LA to create, Ostro says it further changes the scope of a border by showing that art will go wherever it needs to go.

"Borderless" is on display through May 12, but the works are not just contained to the gallery.

The artists also took to the streets adding to Gabba's outdoor gallery and the walls and alleyways of South Los Angeles.

The reception has been positive. "We've had neighbors tell us it's very inspirational and brings them peace and calm" said Ostro.
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