LAUSD tackles issue of dropouts with Student Recovery Day

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The school year just started, but there are thousands of kids who aren't in class. For the seventh year of LAUSD's Student Recovery Day, officials scoured streets and neighborhoods trying to find kids who aren't enrolled in school or are close to dropping out.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAUSD School Board President Steve Zimmer visited with two brothers inside a South L.A. apartment who dropped out of school.

After about 15 minutes inside, they convinced one of the brothers to return to school.

"We use terms 'dropout' and things like that, but we've got a young man working to support his mom and support his family," Zimmer said.

Since 2009, the district has had teams go door-to-door in neighborhoods from South L.A. to the Valley, spelling out to students who dropped out the benefits of returning and graduating.

LAUSD says in the past seven years, they've been able to convince 4,600 students to return to school and graduate.
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