12-year-old OC girl raises thousands for homeless with lemonade stand

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. (KABC) -- At 12 years old, Jaelyn Sagen has already spent half her life trying to help the homeless.

It started six years ago when the Orange County girl saw a homeless man on the street.

"I thought it wasn't fair like some people have to live that way," Jaelyn recalled.

Her mom Janelle explained that some people just don't have anywhere to go.

So at age 6 she opened JJ's Lemonade Stand, taking in $300 from selling cookies and lemonade.

She donated it to the We Care program, which helps the homeless in Los Alamitos.

That began an annual tradition. With the help of family and friends she's now raised more than $16,000. Her goal for this year alone is another $10,000.

Now the community has gotten involved too, with local restaurants donating part of their sales to her cause, and the mayor and police chief stopping by for some lemonade.

She's also raising funds through a GoFundMe page.

Her heart is helping a lot of people and making her parents very proud.

"She just has a really special heart, a really special heart," her mother said.
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