Kristen Stewart, Chloe Sevigny retell Borden family murder story in 'Lizzie'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The new movie "Lizzie" is a re-imagining of the infamous Borden family murders of 1892. The story has been an intriguing one for 126 years now.

Did Lizzie Borden take an axe to her father and her stepmother? Chloe Sevigny loved taking on this role.

"Well, it's still a mystery. It's still unsolved, I think, and also true crime, people are endlessly fascinated," said Sevigny. "And the fact that a woman could have possibly carried out these murders, you know this genteel, Victorian lady, and, just all the rumors and the myths around her, and her relationship with her father and her step-mother and the other people in the house and what little we know of her is very complicated."

"Lizzie" is being billed as a psychological thriller.

"I think it really explores Lizzie's life before the murders and what led up to it," said Sevigny. "And obviously her relationship with Bridgette and the love that they had and, and the escape that they found through one another."

When it came to the costumes, one of the film's stars loved going back in time. And it wasn't Kristen Stewart.

"Well, it was horrible, I mean, I always tried to get out of them and undo the corset and be like oh, we're done? Cool, can you help?" said Stewart.

"I loved all the layers," said Sevigny.

"She loved it. I hated it, but it helped because I hated it," said Stewart. "I was always like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is how people had to live.'"

"Lizzie" is rated R and is in theaters Sept. 14.
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