Auto body shop fights to stay open amid coronavirus, offers deal to customers

Many small businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus and auto repair shops are no exception. C&H Auto Center in Gardena, California is fighting to stay afloat after a huge decline in their customer base.

"Before the coronavirus...we had like 10-15 cars a day. And right now, for three weeks, there's [been] no cars," said Mario Dorantes, President of C&H Auto Center.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the body shop adopted new sanitation protocols to ensure they are returning the cars safely to their customers. In addition to washing the outside of the cars, they also disinfect the interiors after servicing the vehicle.

Mario revealed that the possibility of closing the shop and letting go of his employees makes him feel "sick."

"I feel bad for my employees because these are good employees," Dorantes said. "I don't [want] to close the shop, I want to keep it open."

In an attempt to attract more customers and hopefully stay afloat amid COVID-19, the body shop is offering a special: 15 percent off every estimate and a $10 car wash to the public.

Denia Dorantes, the office manager at the body shop, said they would do "anything for the community."

"It's a blessing, whoever comes in. We thank them for their services and for their trust," Denia said.

C&H Auto Center
16611 S Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA