Something new to add to your Dr. Fauci fandom collection: trading cards!

Calling all Fauci fanatics! Thanks to a Chicago graphic designer, you can get a pack of Dr. Anthony Fauci trading cards that look and feel like vintage baseball memorabilia.

"Spent a lot of time looking for fonts to make sure that they were all accurate to the original cards that I was basing them on," said creator David Stokes of designing the cards.

The stack comes complete with Fauci stats on the back of each card, which Stokes said he found from various sources including articles, scientific journals, and other information tied to Fauci's Wikipedia entry.

"Once I realized how much there was to this guy, I thought 'well I could really expand this and make the backs just as cool as the fronts," he said.

Dr. Deborah Birx makes an appearance on one of the cards, too.

"I thought that was really important... not only to recognize her as another leader on the task force, but also as a woman on the task force."

Stokes said each pack is $16.50. By his count, he's already sold around 700 sets; Stokes said those sales have been good enough that he was able to make a donation to the University of Chicago's COVID-19 "Healthcare Heroes" fund.

"Just another person who really appreciates his leadership and his insight and his being a beacon of truth and hope in these challenging times," he said.