COVID nurse gives back to Philly homeless on her commute

PHILADELPHIA -- Arianna Hensinger is a nurse at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia who has spent the pandemic working on one of the hospital's longest-standing COVID-19 units.

In the few blocks she walks on her way to work, she passes St. John's Hospice, a men's homeless ministry in Center City.

It's a place she says she knows well.

"2020, in general, has been a tough year, and I just assumed that individuals who were already struggling, were hit even harder," said Hensinger.

"...I think that financially if we were able to help people who were struggling, we all pulled together and did what we could," she said.

She considers herself lucky to have a job through the pandemic and decides to rally her co-workers, friends, and family to collect donations for St. John's Hospice, a men's homeless shelter in Philadelphia.

"If people are able to help each other, I truly believe that they'll come through and help each other, and I think that's a perfect example on our unit," said Hensinger.

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