Jesse White Tumblers Celebrate 60 Years of Somersaults

CHICAGO -- The Jesse White Tumbling Team celebrated its 60th anniversary Thursday. For many, it's an opportunity to escape possible negative influences in their lives.

"People love to see us," said founder Jesse White. "When we pull up in the van. Take out our mats and equipment, and we do our show, the people feel goo about that fact that we took the time to come out to show them how high we can get."

White was a gymnast when he was a kid. He eventually went on to teach for the Board of Education, Park District, and YMCA.

"The tumbling team came about because a park supervisor said, 'Jesse White, I'd like to know if you could put together a gym show,'" White recalled. "I said, 'OK, I'll do one more year.' Now we're coming up on 60 years."
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