Long Beach looking for gas tax funds to fix roads

Thursday, May 31, 2018

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- The streets of Long Beach could benefit from the new California gas tax.

The Long Beach City Council has filled out the necessary paperwork to apply for state funding to fix their roads.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law an additional 12-cent tax per gallon for gasoline and 20 cents per gallon for diesel.

The extra money was earmarked for repairing local roads and highway systems.

Long Beach applied for $8 million of those funds.

The city was required to identify which streets need repairs.

The city chose more than six miles of Long Beach roads to be fixed up.

The plan isn't a done deal.

Some voters are trying to get the gas tax repealed, and get the issue put on the November ballot.

If the repeal fails, the city says construction could start in 2019.