Beach cruiser with special seat for autistic child stolen from Long Beach home

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Long Beach parents are upset after their beach cruiser, which contained a special seat for their autistic son, was stolen from their home.

Lucas Simons' favorite thing to do is go for a bike ride with his family. He would sit in a special bike seat on his father's beach cruiser for nightly rides around the park.

But now the family is upset that someone would decide to steal the bike and ruin their child's happiness.

"Our son is a little different and he has really blossomed on that bike. It means a lot to us," Nancy Simons said.

Nancy venter her anger on a chalkboard just in case the bike thief passes by their home again. The family turned to social media to tell their friends what happened, and they said the response has been overwhelming.

Many people have offered to give them bicycles, but replacing the stolen bike is not a problem for the Simons. The couple is more disappointed that Lucas was robbed of the joy he felt going for a bike ride.

"This is the one thing he allows us to do as a family and someone just took it. You took more than a bike," Nancy said.

The family just wants the bike back, no questions asked.
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