LA Councilman Paul Koretz proposes interim ban on electric scooters

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles city Councilman Paul Koretz is trying to pump the brakes on shareable electric scooters in the city.

Koretz said Tuesday that the scooters, which are rented through a phone app, should be banned in Los Angeles until the city can issue permits to the companies providing them.

The motorized scooters from companies like Lime and Bird have rapidly grown in popularity in Los Angeles in the last year.

Koretz is worried of the safety of the scooters and the possibility the city could be held liable if there is an accident. Another concern is where the scooters are being left.

When riders are done with the scooter, they can drop them off anywhere they are allowed. Some are being left alone on sidewalks.

Regulations to govern the scooters and a way to enforce the guidelines are two measures Koretz is looking to fulfill. Until then, the councilman wants them banned.

Last week, Beverly Hills approved a six month ban to establish guidelines with the companies for future use.
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