LA County using new technology to track homeless population density, future housing in the works

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Thursday, December 12, 2019
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New technology tracking the real-time density of homeless populations and future housing in the works across Los Angeles County was unveiled at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

The homeless crisis stretches from one end of Los Angeles County to the other.

Now, there are comprehensive maps to show where the problem is the worst and what is being done about it.

L.A. County CEO Sachi Hamai said it is for planners and residents, too.

"It is for the public to show we are doing something, but also how much we need to do," Hamai said.

The maps are on the L.A. County website. They show detailed information on the homeless population and current and future housing in the works.

Taxpayers will see how large the homeless population is in each neighborhood and city. The sight also shows how different the problem is in varying communities. There are 22 homeless people in Beverly Hills while across the street there are 145 homeless people in West Hollywood.

It is no surprise to residents like Joanna Garzilli.

"I do feel West Hollywood has a great community, but it is a big problem," Garzilli said.

Residents and planners now have a comprehensive mapping tool to see where the crisis is the worst and what is being done to address it.