Suspects rip off Garden Grove liquor store doors, steal lotto scratcher tickets

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (KABC) -- Bold burglars tied rope around a Garden Grove liquor store doors, tore them off and ended up stealing lotto scratcher tickets early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened shortly before 3 a.m. in the 13600 block of Euclid Street. The owners said surveillance video showed two male burglars tying rope to the front doors and using a white van to pull off the doors.

The burglars then headed into the store, attempting to steal the ATM. The suspects also grabbed lotto scratcher tickets. They attempted to drive off with the ATM attached to a rope and the car, but it broke, and the suspects fled. The incident took about two minutes, authorities said.

The liquor store was burglarized in a similar fashion last November, according to the owners. The owner also said about $7,000 worth of scratchers was stolen.

Last week, a similar crime happened about a mile away at another liquor store. It was unclear if the two incidents were related.

"It seems awfully coincidental that it's about a half-mile apart from the other store. The time frame is about the same time, using a mini-van" Lt. Bob Bogue said.

The investigation into the burglary was ongoing. Authorities said there are ways to flag stolen scratchers to try to prevent thieves from cashing any prizes.

Anyone with more information was asked to call Detective Wardle at (714) 741-5837 and callers may remain anonymous. They can also call OC Crime Stoppers at (855) TIP-OCCS.
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