Burbank antique stores experience rash of robberies

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- A stretch of Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank that is lined with antique shops and high-end stores has experienced a string of robberies.

In one instance, a robber walked in quickly and within seconds pulled out a gun from his waistband.

"I immediately heard the gun cock," David DeWitt said. "The second time he pointed it at me, he says, 'Do you want me to shoot you?' and I says, 'No, I don't want you to shoot me.' I says, 'But I'm here.' And I just kept filling up the bag."

He demanded all the jewelry and the clerk appeared startled at first. When he wasn't moving fast enough, the robber threatened him and pointed a gun to his head.

"It was very nerve-racking, but he wasn't shaking. If he'd have been shaking, I would have been more scared because that's when accidents happen," DeWitt said.

It all happened in less than 90 seconds as the agitated robber pointed out things that he wanted.

The owner of Antiques of Magnolia said it's the second robbery in her store in less than a month.

"We probably lost at least $30,000 in gold and diamonds," Sheryl Coughlan said. "The shop, Bell Cottage, on the corner has had their glass broken four times in the last four months and they've taken the cash registers. My neighbor, 1928, (they) took her cash register and smashed the store in."

She showed Eyewitness News a photo she took of the display case on Monday, which is now empty.

"With my jewelry that they took, they're going to pull the stones, pull the diamonds, scrap the gold and maybe throw the stones away or try to sell the stones someplace else, I don't know," Coughlan said.
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