Malibu residents illuminate street ravaged by Woolsey Fire with American flag to honor veterans

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- On a street with more than a dozen homes burned by the Woolsey Fire, a group of Malibu residents made sure to put up the American flag to honor veterans and bring light to the ravaged area.

The destructive blaze, which has scorched more than 143 square miles, burned through Dume Drive in Malibu on Friday. Some residents who stayed behind said they witnessed embers flying everywhere.

"The whole hills were just blazing and we were in awe," said resident Karen Renner. "We were ready to leave, we had our trucks on the beach if we had to zip up Zuma and try to get out. That was our only escape."

People were on alert Monday, looking for hotspots that can flare up. Fire crews from Garden Grove moved in and quickly attacked a tree that was smoldering.

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Downed power lines continue to be a hazard for firefighters and others trying to move through the area. Residents are also trying to help each other, but no matter how tough things are - with devastated homes around them - residents wanted to make sure the American flag was flying in honor of Veterans Day.

"(There are) veterans in my family, and it's an important day to remember that life happens when we sacrifice for one another, when we make sacrifices for the good of others," said resident Brian Kelly. "...Our country is founded on that, so we have to remember that."

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