Video: Man goes on rampage at Santa Ana 7-Eleven

SANTA ANA (KABC) -- A man was caught on camera rampaging at a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, trashing merchandise and smashing windows after a clerk refused to sell him beer.

Police say the man first was loitering in the area and asked the clerk to use her cellphone, which she refused.

He then tried to buy beer, but was told it was too late and she was not allowed to sell him beer at that hour.

That's when the man got angry. He is seen on video throwing a display of bananas to the floor, and knocking over other merchandise.

He leaves the store and soon returns with a baseball bat. Video shows him shattering the front windows one-by-one before taking off.

Store manager Rajeev Tendon said it will take some time to repair the damage.

"A lot of work and a lot of money - $5,000 we pay to fix it," he said. "That glass is expensive."

Santa Ana police are looking for the public's help identifying the suspect, who is likely to face charges of assault, battery and felony vandalism.
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