Experts offer tips to make Sunday's LA Marathon a success

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Exercise physiologist Dr. Jason Karp wants runners to look at the upcoming Los Angeles Marathon this Sunday as a celebration. Something to enjoy one step at a time.

"The first is not to panic and trust all the training that you've done. Focus on the mile that you're on so when you're on mile three, don't even think about mile 24 and 25. You really have to cut it into very small sections," said Karp.

Which makes running 26 miles mentally much more doable.

In his book "Run Your Fat Off," he reminds us running is a metabolic game changer.

"Cutting the calories is what gets the weight off but running is what keeps it off for the rest of your life."

But he's quick to remind you this is a slow, steady process.

"If you can run for 60 seconds then you run for 60 seconds, then you walk for five minutes and you run for 60 seconds and walk for five minutes. You keep doing that and before you know it you're running the whole time," said Karp.

For nutrition Karp likes a bit of protein and carbs then hydrate. Don't try any new foods on race day.

"Limit the fat, limit the fiber. If you eat too much fiber you'll end up spending half the race on the port-a-potties along the course," he said.

And while coffee or tea offer a great spike of energy, the tonic at Wild Living Foods might be the ticket for strong-to-last-long stamina.

Richard Torres created an elixir he calls "marathon" to give everyone a long-term boost of energy.

"Coffees and these other drinks are like sprints and the Moringa is the basis for a marathon," said Torres.

Maca, ashwaganda and holy basil are all adaptagens coming from Ayurvedic medicine and they're known to help the body adapt to stresses, like pounding the pavement for 26 miles.

No frappucino here. Coconut palm sugar and cacao help sweeten and coconut oil will help keep you feeling full. And while it can get you race ready it's also a nice recovery tonic post-race.
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