Teen baker makes breakable chocolate hearts that are filled with sweet surprises

HAMMOND, Ind. -- Mariela Dvojacki is a 17-year-old baker who started her own dessert business from home earlier this year.

"People would be like 'Can I get some sweet treats?' and I'd be like 'You got it!'" she said.

She sells everything from cookies, to cakes, to chocolate covered strawberries. Her most popular item is the "breakable heart." The hollow chocolate heart comes with a hammer and is filled with surprises.

"When people get it, they're like 'What is this!?'" Dvojacki said. "You know they see a hammer with a heart. They're like 'Wow! This is a new experience!'"

Dvojacki began baking at a young age and it grew into her passion.

"I loved baking my whole life. When I was little I did not watch cartoons, I watched The Cooking Channel and Food Network, and my mom would buy me aprons and a bunch of cup cake liners and frostings and stuff like that. So my whole life I loved baking," she said.

At only 17, Mariela is balancing school and her small business.

"It has not processed through my mind, like, what so much I've accomplished at only 17 and not even graduated high school yet. I'm a senior right now and I play soccer, doing orders for the business, it's very crazy, honestly," she said.

Mariela sells desserts from her home in Hammond, Indiana, and does not ship at this time. For more on Mariela's Delights, or to order your own dessert, visit her Instagram @marielasdelights.