Billionaire Mark Cuban calls for government to send Americans $1,000 every 2 weeks

Billionaire Mark Cuban wants the government to give more money to Americans to help bolster the economy.

Cuban is a member of the White House advisory group dedicated to reopening the country--the group is officially called the Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups.

Cuban said the government should give every household $1,000 every two weeks for the next two months. The catch is that all of that money must be spent.

"People are saving more and spending less. We need to inspire people to spend more. We need to create consumer demand," Cuban said.

He said because of the uncertainty, Americans are holding onto their money more than usual--which is detrimental to our overall economy.

"We're not going to have an economy without consumer demand," Cuban said.

Cuban did not say if he had received any feedback from President Donald Trump or anyone else in the administration about this idea.
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