Masks2All distributes more than 170,000 masks to unhoused individuals in SF

SAN FRANCISCO -- During the COVID-19 pandemic, face mask requirements became an absolute necessity and that necessity highlighted a disparity for thousands of unhoused individuals in the Bay Area.

"Masks are a resource that seem like very simple, but not necessarily everyone has access or the resources to get it," Masks2All Founder Juliana Zhao states.

According to Masks2All Founder Neeknaz Abari, she witnessed this inequality every day. "We were living in Berkeley. We noticed that a lot of people who were living on our street didn't have any sort of face covering, and we were really worried about the potential for COVID to be spreading among that community," Abari explains.

"Not a single person on our team could have foreseen the amount of impact that we ended up having," Abari shares.

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