Nursery rhyme prepares students in case of school shooting

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (KABC) -- A Massachusetts kindergarten is using a nursery rhyme to teach students about lockdown drills, and some parents are outraged.

The kindergarten rhyme borrows the rhythm to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Instead of the traditional lyrics, the rhyme reads:

"Lockdown, lockdown, lock the doors.
Shut the lights off, say no more.
Go behind the desk and hide.
Wait until its safe inside.
Lockdown, lockdown, it's all done.
Now it's time to have some fun."

A parent noticed the poster at the Somerville, Massachusetts school and sent out a tweet expressing disapproval, saying it should not be posted in his kid's classroom despite current events.

Other parents and school officials see it as necessary.

"Just in case the kids really need to do it, then the kids can rhyme to the song and do what's needed to be done," parent Sana Bazzaz said.

Apparently the idea came from a teacher, not the school district.
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