Teacher, whose Palmdale home was covered in mud, wins Mathis Brothers Furniture giveaway

PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- As flash floods hit Palmdale on Oct. 15, Tina Faulk's home was one of dozens inundated with mud.

Faulk, an eighth grade math teacher at Hillview Middle School, says her floors were destroyed, and her furniture was ruined. Currently, her home is unlivable.

Her students starting showing up at her home to help clean up.

"We have learned through all of this that we are loved," Faulk said.

When Faulk's students saw the ABC7 segment about a furniture giveaway, they banded together to nominate their teacher for the $10,000 Mathis Brothers Furniture pay-it-forward giveaway.

"We felt she was so deserving of this help," said student Mia Huerta.

Faulk's class learned the meaning of paying it forward from the experience.

"It means if someone helps you, you help someone else," Huerta said. "It's an endless cycle of happiness."
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