Mattel launching new gender-inclusive doll line

ByTisha Powell via KABC logo
Thursday, September 26, 2019
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Mattel launching new gender-inclusive doll line

Mattel is launching a new line of dolls aimed at breaking gender barriers.

The toy company's new line of gender-inclusive dolls is called "Creatable World."

The dolls come in kits with different hair, clothing and accessory options.

Owners can customize the doll by selecting any combination of accessories to achieve a look of their choice that isn't dictated by gender norms.

"Some options are more feminine-presenting, while others are more masculine-presenting, which allows kids to combine the elements any way they want to," said Kim Culmone, senior vice president of Mattel Fashion Doll Design.

The line consists of six different doll kits that sell for about $44. The dolls come in a variety of skin tones and hair textures, according to Mattel.

Each kit has one doll with two hairstyles and different clothing options.