Mel Gibson's wild ride as an R-rated Santa in 'Fatman' spices up holiday movie season

A spoiled child is mad at Santa and hires a hitman to seek vengeance in new R-rated movie 'Fatman' starring Mel Gibson

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Mel Gibson plays R-rated Santa in new movie 'Fatman'
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The new movie "Fatman" blends several genres: holiday, fantasy... and R-rated action thriller. Mel Gibson heads the cast, playing a Santa Claus we're not used to seeing!

HOLLYWOOD -- "Fatman" is a holiday film. It's a fantasy film. And, in a twist of genres, it's also an R-rated action thriller! Mel Gibson heads the cast as Chris. His last name is Cringle. Okay, he's Santa Claus...just not the Santa you're used to seeing in movies!

Gibson's Santa is quite fatigued. By his side: Mrs. Claus, played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste. And when a rich brat gets a lump of coal for Christmas, things turn nasty.

"He's just not a nice kid overall and he's very bossy. And then when he gets that coal for Christmas, that's the breaking point," said Chance Hurtsfield.

So, he hires a hitman to come after Santa. And Santa might have to replace that guy's lump of coal...with lead!

"I was charmed by the script," said Gibson. "And, you know, I turned the pages happily and the script was a very fast read. It's got a really warm beating heart at the center of it but it's kind of like an old-fashioned western, except you're using these iconic characters, which makes it bizarre, which is charming and funny!"

"It's quirky, man! And it doesn't go down that road. You think that's what you're going to get and then all this other crazy stuff starts, you know, taking up-taking place in the piece, which is great," said Jean-Baptiste.

'It's got a good dose of cynicism," added Gibson.

"Fatman" is playing in theatres now. It's available on demand and on digital platforms beginning November 24th.