Metro replacing fabric seats with vinyl for better cleanliness

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Metro is replacing thousands of fabric seats on two rail lines with vinyl, which is easier to clean and maintain.

While fabric seats may be a little softer for rail riders, they also collect dirt and grime.

"I'm not comfortable with the cloth seats," said Ginger Blannon, one Metro rail rider. "You have a lot of homeless people who sleep on them and I know they have no place to go but still they bring other things with them."

The change is expected to save money as well as improve cleanliness for riders.

"Vinyl seating is much easier to clean and much easier to maintain," said Metro spokesman Dave Sotero. "It's also going to save us money in operations costs."

Vinyl seats have already been installed on some Metro rail cars.

Metro officials said all 104 cars on the red and purple lines are getting the new vinyl seats.

That means eventually some 5,000 seats will be replaced, two cars at a time, over the next several years.
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