Who is Donald Trump's personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen?

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Monday, April 16, 2018
Who is Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen?
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Michael Cohen has worked as President Donald Trump's lawyer for over a decade and is seen has his fixer.

The spotlight on President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen has intensified following the FBI raid of his office and hotel room and his legal battle seeking to keep his seized records and recordings private.

Cohen has worked as Trump's private attorney for more than a decade and is seen as a "street-wise New Yorker with a penchant for confrontation" who works as Trump's fixer, according to ABC News.

Early in his career, Cohen practiced as a personal injury lawyer and made millions in real estate. He and his father-in-law also partnered to own a fleet of New York City taxi cabs.

Cohen first caught the attention of Trump in the early 2000's when he helped resolve a tenant dispute as a member of the condo board at one of Trump's property. Trump reportedly wanted to meet Cohen because he was able to do what his lawyers were unable to do.

He has worked as a dealmaker, becoming a key figure in helping establish Trump-branded properties overseas, according to ABC News. He was involved in a plan to build a tower in Moscow in October 2016, a project that eventually stalled.

Cohen has been known to berate reporters for writing unflattering stories about Trump. He has regularly threatened lawsuits against those who challenge his boss, and has worked with tabloids to kill unfavorable stories.

He says he took out a home equity loan to personally pay porn actress Storm Daniels $130,000 to keep silent about an alleged affair with Trump.

Cohen's lawyers have identified former GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy and Fox News host Sean Hannity as his other clients during a hearing seeking to keep his raided files private. Hannity has denied ever being represented by Cohen.

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