Michelle Pfeiffer heads cast of new movie 'French Exit' playing socialite with a big problem: she's broke!

HOLLYWOOD -- Michelle Pfeiffer heads the cast of the new movie, "French Exit." She plays a New York socialite with a problem: she's broke!

Pfeiffer plays Frances Price, a 60 year old socialite who's gone through her late husband's inheritance. So, she and her son leave Manhattan and go live in a friend's vacant apartment in France.

Also along for the ride: a black cat who *may* embody the spirit of her late husband.

Pfeiffer loves this character's honesty.

"It is one of the reasons I wanted to play her. I mean, don't we all wish that we could go through life with just being 100% ourselves every day? We also know there's a cost. There's a price to pay," said Pfeiffer.

Lucas Hedges plays her son, Malcolm.

"Most of what he's feeling throughout the whole movie is what he feels about his mom. That's, like, his whole world is her. He's just orbiting her," said Hedges. "He doesn't have very much of a life for himself."

Also in the cast...Danielle Macdonald. She plays a medium who befriends mother and son...once she knows their connection.

"She just lives in the moment and is so easily affected by whatever is going on around her that I feel like her moods shift and change because she's overly empathetic in a way because of her experiences talking to cats, strangely enough," said Macdonald.
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