Michelle Williams earns Golden Globe nomination for 'All the Money in the World'

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017
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Michelle Williams plays a mother desperate to save her kidnapped child in the new fact-based drama "All the Money in the World."

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The new fact-based drama "All the Money in the World" has a strong all-star ensemble cast that includes Oscar nominee Michelle Williams.

Williams plays the ex-daughter-in-law of billionaire J. Paul Getty. After her son is kidnapped and held for ransom, the elder Getty refuses to get involved.

Williams admires the dignity her character showed throughout the event. The actress was careful in learning Gail Getty's specific East Coast accent.

"It's almost sort of mid-Atlantic, kind of," said Williams. "You could imagine, like, Katharine Hepburn being her grandmother. But it's very... it's forward. It's enunciated. And it's distinct. It's clear. There's like a clarity of no one will misunderstand what she is saying."

The character also wears a wedding ring, although she is not married.

"I'm so glad that you noticed this." said Williams. "I have an answer for you. Because they were in Rome and it's a heavily Catholic country, and so to be an unmarried mother of four children in Rome was a no-no."

"All the Money in the World" is the latest film to win Williams accolades, including a Golden Globe nomination. But fame and fortune have never been what drives her.

"I don't know a single actress for whom stardom was their goal," said Williams. "I don't know anyone who set out thinking, 'Gosh, I just want to be rich and famous.' All I know are a collection of women who are so full of heart and intelligence and only want to display, like, the utmost empathy and humanity."

"All the Money in the World" is in theaters now.