Missing firefighter Mike Herdman's body found; no indication of foul play

LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST, Calif. (KABC) -- The body of Mike Herdman, the Arcadia firefighter who went missing in the Los Padres National Forest two weeks ago, was found at about 10 a.m. Friday after being spotted by air.

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said Herdman was found about three-quarters of a mile and about 1,200 feet above the Sespe River bottom, where he was last seen. There was no indication of foul play, according to the sheriff's department. The location of Herdman's body was below a cliff.

Herdman's body did not appear to be trapped. He was lying over terrain, partially covered up by brush. Dean did not want to be too descriptive out of deference to family.

Herdman's body was transported and was positively identified by dental records.

Herdman went missing on June 13 during a camping trip in the Los Padres National Forest. Herdman reportedly went after his dog in the dark, barefoot, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts.

It took his camping partner two days to find cellphone service and call for help.

Herdman's dog "Duke" was seen at least twice during massive searches of the area for Herdman. He was found again and safely retrieved on Sunday.

Herdman, 36, was from Dana Point. He was an avid outdoorsman and trained paramedic. He is survived by his wife and young daughter.

About 375 people have spent about 5,250 hours scouring more than 50 square miles of rugged terrain.

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