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Friday, March 24, 2017

ABC7, Families In Schools (FIS), First Book and Disney ABC Television Group are proud to partner together to bring you the Million Word Challenge campaign.

The Problem: Low reading proficiency rates - 56% of Los Angeles county 3rd grade students are not reading at grade-level according to a 2013 study. (California Department of Education, 2013)

One in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than proficient readers. (National Campaign for Grade Level Reading)

Failure to read proficiently is linked to higher rates of school dropout, which suppresses individual earning potential as well as the nation's competitiveness and general productivity.

(Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2011)

Million Word Challenge Partners:

Families in Schools

Now in its 14th year, the Million Word Challenge is an annual 12 week literacy campaign designed to address the issue of reading proficiency by promoting a culture of literacy at home and academic achievement at school. The campaign challenges students from pre-K to 12th grade to read MILLIONS of WORDS outside of the classroom. Last year, Families In Schools and its partners engaged over 170 schools representing over 77,600 students in 23 school districts to promote the power of reading through the Million Word Challenge.

Since 2000, Families In Schools (FIS) has served low- income, communities of color knowing that education remains the single most important opportunity for them. FIS' mission is to involve parents and communities in their children's education to achieve lifelong student success. Students are more likely to succeed when schools, families and communities work together in partnership to maximize and support student learning. FIS seeks to help parents become knowledgeable and confident advocates for their children's education, and allies and partners with schools.

The 2017 Million Word Challenge takes place from Feb. 21 through May 5. Families can still register to participate.

For more information about Families In Schools and the Million Word Challenge please call 888-766-2242 or go to

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Twitter: @famsinschools

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First Book

At First Book, our innovative approaches tackle the single biggest barrier to the development of literacy - access to books. To date, First Book has provided more than 135 million books to children in need, increasing access to needed materials for educators and administrators, and helping to elevate educational opportunities for our nation's most disadvantaged youth.

But that's just the beginning - our successes, while impressive, have only reached a small fraction of the population in need in the United States. We have more work to do, more audiences to reach, more educators and administrators to empower, and ultimately more children who need books and quality educational opportunities - and we cannot do it alone.

We don't want to fight illiteracy - we want to end it. By working together, we can and will create a generation of lifelong readers and achievers.

Disney ABC Television Group

Disney and ABC raise awareness of the importance of reading with nonprofit First Book through the Magic of Storytelling campaign. Great stories take kids to amazing places, grow their imaginations and teach them incredible things to prepare them for bright futures.

Disney has donated over 50 million books to First Book, a nonprofit that provides new books to educators and organizations serving children from low-income families. To celebrate this milestone, Disney and ABC are inviting consumers to join the fifth "Magic of Storytelling" campaign through a number of activities between now and March 31, 2017.

The Magic of Storytelling campaign is a collaboration between Disney Publishing Worldwide and Disney|ABC Television Group to help First Book put brand-new books into the hands of children in communities nationwide. The campaign features a public service announcement, special events, an extensive media campaign, social media activations and a 50-state online challenge. Additionally ABC7 will donate 5,000 books to Families in Schools through the Magic of Storytelling campaign.

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