200-pound giant tortoise found wandering near Hemet

SAN JACINTO, Calif. (KABC) -- If you're missing a giant tortoise, you might want to give the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus a call.

The 200-pounder turned up along a road near Hemet Wednesday night.

The giant tortoise is in good shape and is believed to belong to someone.

One woman stepped forward as the owner on Friday. But when she came in to see the tortoise, she was no longer sure it was hers. She said her pet named Carlos went missing more than two years ago.

Sonja Fitzpatrick said she saw a social media posting about the tortoise and decided to come check if it was Carlos.

But animal shelter workers believe the tortoise may not be Fitzpatrick's. Animal services said they have been in touch with someone else claiming the large reptile is his.

It's currently being cared for at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus. If you're the owner or have information on where the tortoise came from, you can give them a call at (951) 358-7387.
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