Motorcyclist spends 30 hours trapped in ravine after crash

A Louisiana motorcyclist who crashed and thought he was going to die spent a harrowing 30 hours trapped at the bottom of a ravine and recorded his goodbyes to loved ones on video.

Kevin Diepenbrock was out motorcycling with a friend near the Tennessee-North Carolina border on a curvy road when they both crashed and plunged over the side of a steep hill.

His friend Phillip Polito was killed after falling about 50 feet. Diepenbrock was severely injured but managed to survive his fall about 100 feet down. He couldn't reach help on his phone, but he was able to record several videos to his family and friends.

"I love you," he told his family more than once.

He heard other bikes go by on the road, but none saw or heard him. It wasn't until about 30 hours after his fall that someone heard his scream and a rescue mission was launched to pull him out of the ravine and get him to a hospital.
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