More than 100 children adopted in LA on National Adoption Day

Saturday, November 21, 2015
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More than 100 children were adopted in Los Angeles on National Adoption Day on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It was a very special day for more than 100 foster children across Los Angeles as they were adopted into forever families, as the Alliance for Children's Rights celebrated National Adoption Day.

On Friday, 400 courts across the U.S. worked to unite families. In L.A., the Edmund Edelman Children's Court finalized 160 adoptions.

"These kids are going to get new parents that will share unconditional love, which is the one thing that parents and families can give," judge Michael Levanas, who presides over the juvenile court, said.

"This is an amazing moment. We are both ecstatic. We've been waiting for this day for almost three years so our family is complete, our forever family. This is the best day of the year, probably the best day of our lives," adoptive parent Marc Bennett.

Marc and Nestor Bennet married a decade ago. Last year, they adopted their sons Landon and Parker, and on Friday they completed their family, by adopting the boys' biological sister, Josephine.

Matthew de la Rosa was violently shaken as a baby, and as a result, has permanent brain trauma.

Six months ago he was placed under the care of Esther Barrios who has taught him how to walk and talk.

He became part of her family on Friday.

"Well he can take a few steps by himself, he's got a great dream team at school with therapy and speech therapy and he can say his name now," Barrio said with a smile.

In Los Angeles County, there are currently 28,000 children in foster care and 2,000 are available for adoption.

"They are a daily blessing. They give more to me than I will ever give to them," Barrio said.