SCAM ALERT: Chipotle is not giving away $100 gift cards for National Avocado Day

ByDiane Wilson WTVD logo
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Scammers are trying to capitalize on National Avocado Day with a Facebook post claiming that you can get a $100 Chipotle gift card.

The problem is this is not affiliated with Chipotle, and it's a scam. If you click on the post, it wants you to invite four friends to get their Chipotle card, too.

If your four friends click on the link, the post claims you will get your card quickly. Do not click on any links.

A Facebook post making the rounds claims that you can get $100 Chipotle gift card on National Avocado Day.

While Chipotle is offering free guacamole today, the restaurant is not affiliated with this gift card giveaway.