WATCH: Cars swept away by floodwaters at New Jersey car dealership

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Sunday, August 12, 2018
Cars float away in flood waters in Little Falls, New Jersey
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Video shows cars floating away in the flood waters in Little Falls, New Jersey.

LITTLE FALLS, New Jersey -- Like a water edition of destruction derby, cars in New Jersey were swept away by heavy flooding.

The Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealership of Little Falls is in crisis, when car after car floated to its demise.

People on Rt. 46 were also stranded and forced to turn around.

The flood waters did not stop there - it suddenly spewed out into Woodland Park, leaving streets, homes and businesses underwater.

Sebastian Jackson was in target practice when empty cars fled their parking spots and the shooting range filled up with water.

As the flooding spread, so did the chaos - leaving tow trucks to retrieve cars abandoned in the middle of the street.

Maria Florio said she barely moved her vehicle to higher ground in time - minutes later her garage and basement had flooded, too.

"It was basically hysterics, basically you didn't have time to be scared," Florio said.

Emergency responders said much of the recovery will be a waiting game until the flooding recedes.