Baby born two days after shooting stars in 'Vegas strong' photo shoot

Baby Wyatt had not yet been born during the Las Vegas shooting, but one photographer hopes he'll be a light to the survivors and those affected by the tragedy.

Markie Coffer was ready for her baby to be born when she attended the Route 91 Harvest Musical Festival on October 1 with the baby's dad, Travis Matheson.

They were still at the concert when a gunman opened fire on the crowd. They escaped and made it to the hospital, and two days later, Wyatt arrived.

Las Vegas photographer Shiran Mariasov of MBF Photography saw their story on the news and decided to offer them a free photo shoot. She was touched by Wyatt's family's story of resiliency, which she said is reflective of the Las Vegas community.

"Las Vegas has such an amazing community of people. We take care of each other," she told ABC in an email. "Out of the darkness we are finding our light again. I hope this photo shoot reminds people of the good, resilient community we have. To all of us this family's personal story is an uplifting one."

Mariasov said she decided to incorporate lighted letters as a symbol.

"The letters I used for the photo shoot were displayed in my window after the shooting to show our support," she wrote. "I came up with the idea to use them in the photo to show that even after this horrible event Las Vegas still shines. Baby Wyatt for many is the light of our city. "

Photos courtesy of MBF Photography
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