12 alleged gang members arrested in Brooklyn turf war

NEW YORK -- Twelve alleged gang members are under arrest in what authorities call a Brooklyn turf war that left seven people injured in 10 separate shootings.

The 59-count indictment includes conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, weapons possession and other charges.

Nine of the suspects have been identified as:
--Carlos Lucas, a.k.a., Skrap, 22, of Ocean Hill
--Hector Lleras, a.k.a., Kash, 26, of Fort Greene
--Gilbert Arciliares, a.k.a., Gilly, 22, of Bedford-Stuyvesant
--Patrick Tucker, a.k.a., Holly, 25, of Canarsie
--Tyrece Findlay, a.k.a., Preme, 20, of West Farms
--Malik Cherry, a.k.a., Euros, 20, of Gravesend
--Anthony Gooding, a.k.a., Gunna, 21, of Bushwick
--Yasin Shearin, a.k.a., Ya-Ya, 19, of Graniteville, Staten Island
--Jamar Lovander, a.k.a., Headache, 26, of Arverne, Queens

The suspects are purported to be members of the same gang, which authorities say was feuding with three other violent street gangs between July 2015 and the present. The indictment alleges that during the course of the conspiracy, the suspects agreed to commit crimes, including murder and assault, in order to maintain their dominance over their claimed geographic area.

"This indictment describes a terrifying mix of deadly force and mindless obsessions with turf, leading to serious consequences for innocent bystanders," said acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. "We will never stop fighting against gun violence and this kind of senseless disregard for the safety of our children and neighbors."

Prosecutors say they used social media to direct their acts of violence toward rival gang members, as well as take credit after crimes occurred. At other times, they reportedly taunted their rivals by taking photos and videos of themselves in rival territory and posting them on Facebook and YouTube. They allegedly made use of so-called "community guns" that were made available to various members for the purpose of shooting at rivals.

Furthermore, according to the indictment, much of the violent activity was driven by the desire to retaliate for prior shootings targeting members, particularly the Sept. 27, 2013 shooting death of reputed gang member Bashiek Reddick, a.k.a., Bless.

"Today's charges allege a series of shootings in Bushwick, among other things, that left several injured," NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said. "Today's arrests and indictment will continue helping reduce violence that have helped make our city the safest big city in America."

Police released video of several incidents -- seen in the video player above -- in which the suspects allegedly took part. They include:
--A July 8, 2015 shooting in which a bullet went through window of a car parked in the vicinity, narrowly missing a man sitting in the front seat.
--An October 30, 2015 shooting in which a bullet struck an MTA bus, shattering a window and narrowly missing a passenger who suffered cuts to her forehead from the broken glass.
--A September 11, 2016 shooting in which two two innocent women walking in the area were wounded.
--A March 1 shooting in which an innocent bystander was struck in the torso.
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