3 boys arrested for attack on mentally challenged man in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Philadelphia police have three boys in custody, ranging in age from 12 to 15, and are looking for another teenager in connection with an assault on a mentally challenged man.

The disturbing slow-motion video that was posted to Facebook begins with the victim looking into the camera, wearing an "I love Jesus" lanyard around his neck.

One juvenile winds up and delivers the first punch right to the victim's face. The other young men look on laughing. The victim reels back in shock and pain. The victim then attempts to flee and another young man chases him and punches him in the face again.

"Obviously, the video is very disturbing. It appears this male, who is 38 years old, was targeted because he is mentally challenged. It's a senseless act of violence," Philadelphia Police Captain Malachi Jones said.

The video has been viewed millions of times on Facebook since it was posted on Monday.

Police were made aware of the content and determined the video was recorded on Memorial Day at Chelten Avenue and Knox Street in Germantown. They said neighbors and others came forward with essential information that helped them identify the young suspects.

Three of the suspects were picked up by police at school Tuesday. Police are still working to arrest a 15 year old who delivered the second punch.

"To them, they might have thought this was clever, but my message to them and kids in general is to do more constructive things with your time. Because you shouldn't be out there messing with people," Jones said.

Police say they do have some solid leads on the fourth suspect's identity.

They believe two of the boys involved in this videotaped incident were also involved in an attack on a school principal involving bricks last Friday.

In this case, the suspects face charges including aggravated assault.
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