Exposure period for measles over, state health officials say

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- State health officials say the measles exposure period from Dec. 15 through Dec. 20 is over, and that all the cases from that period should have occurred by Jan. 10.

Officials are still awaiting test results of five people with fevers and rashes who visited an urgent care clinic in La Mesa in San Diego County.

In addition to potential cases in San Diego County, three young adults have tested positive for measles in Ventura County, with at least one case linked to Disneyland.

These are the first reported cases of measles since 2013 in the county. All three were reported last week with at least one virus confirmed Tuesday, said Dr. Robert Levin, a Ventura County Public Health officer.

Levin said a fourth suspected case has not yet been confirmed.

These cases now bring the total to 29 people in four states. There are 25 cases in California, two in Utah, and one each in Colorado and Washington. Most of the measles patients visited Disneyland or Disney California Adventure between the original exposure period.

Doctors are urging parents to vaccinate their children in light of the recent measles outbreak.

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