Texas police release sketch of masked suspect

ROSENBERG, TX (KABC) -- Police in Rosenberg, Texas, are looking for a suspect in an aggravated robbery, and they're hoping the public can help. But the sketch they've released will require some imagination on the part of the public.

At about 6:30 p.m. Saturday, a man was taking his daughter out of his vehicle in the parking lot at 3101 Place Apartments, Vista Drive, when he was approached by a white male wearing a black ski mask. The victim described the suspect as wearing a gray and blue button-up, short-sleeve baseball jersey, faded blue jeans, and black and red tennis shoes. The suspect demanded money and property, while displaying a long-barreled, black revolver. The suspect fled once the victim surrendered his property.

Investigators are looking into all leads, including a similar robbery at Lamar Park Apartments, Richmond, on the same day. The victims in that case reported the suspect as a white male who was wearing a jersey with the number 20 and shorts. The suspect was armed with a pistol and demanded money and property.

Police need the public's help identifying the suspect, but unfortunately, they have very little to go on for the suspect description.

If you are able to recognize the individual in the sketch or have any information, you're asked to contact Det. R. Leonhardt at (832) 595-3700, or contact Crime Stoppers at (281) 342-TIPS.

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