7-year-old alerts school to parents' overdose deaths in McKeesport, Pennsylvania

MCKEESPORT, Pa. -- Two adults were found dead of suspected drug overdoses after their 7-year-old daughter told school officials in Pennsylvania she couldn't wake them up.

The Allegheny County medical examiner said the bodies of 26-year-old Christopher Dilly and 25-year-old Jessica Lally were found Monday night in their McKeesport apartment. A 9-month-old girl, 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old boy who were inside the home were taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

Lt. Andrew Schurman says it appears the adults might have been dead for a day or two. He says they are believed to have died from a drug overdose, and foul play is not suspected.

Lally's sister Courtney told WPXI that Jessica and her boyfriend Chris were addicted to heroin.

"My sister wasn't the person she became when it came to drugs. She wasn't the person I knew. It was like the drugs had taken over and at first we didn't know it was heroin," said Courtney Lally, Jessica Lally's sister.

Since February, Courtney had been trying to get police and child protective services involved.

When she shared pictures of the deplorable home Jessica and Chris lived in with police, Jessica became furious and moved the family across town.

"I feel like if I wouldn't have done that, it would have been way different and we could have made up months ago and she'd be here today," Courtney Lally said.

Courtney will now go to court to try to get custody of her nieces and nephews. She said she has a message for others fighting to help their loved ones who are in the throes of addiction.

"Just don't stop trying. Keep pushing it. Make them understand you love them and you're doing this because you love them," she said.

Earlier this week, another suspected overdose occurred on the same Pennsylvania street. Both incidents are under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.