7,650 Dell laptops worth $3 million stolen in LA heist

HARBOR GATEWAY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Armed thieves tied up a guard at a Los Angeles warehouse and stole more than 7,000 laptop computers worth millions of dollars, according to police.

Los Angeles police said the heist started when a gunman confronted a security guard posted at the gate of a warehouse near 190th Street and Western Avenue in the Harbor Gateway area late Friday evening.

"Zip tied the security guard and then gained access to the parking lot of the business. At that time, approximately four other suspects assisted with driving in two trucks to attach two trailers and they drove away with two trailers," Capt. Gary Walters with the Los Angeles police said.

Inside those two trailers were 7,650 Dell Inspiron laptops valued at $3 million, according to detectives.

Investigators said one of the trailers was found empty in the City of Commerce Saturday morning.

Police released security camera photos of the California license plate number for the trailer that was still missing: 4GC9617.

Officials also stated the number of the missing container was TEMU7481921.

Detectives were seeking the public's help, especially truck drivers, in hopes they'll locate the missing trailer, container, computers and the suspects.

Police stated the stolen laptops could end up in a variety of places for sale.

"You'd typically find these notebooks on Craigslist or eBay. You'll suddenly see the online auctions flooded with brand new Dell Inspiron notebooks," Walters said.

If the prices seem too good to be true, detectives said consumers should be highly suspicious that they may be purchasing stolen property.

If you have any information that can aid detectives in their investigation, you were urged to call the Los Angeles Police Department's Commercial Crime Cargo Hijack Unit at (213) 484-6700.
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