After 18 years in Pasadena, Tina the alligator relocating to LA Zoo

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Tina the alligator has been with the Pasadena Humane Society for 18 years, but now it's time for her to move on to new digs at the Los Angeles Zoo. (KABC)

The Pasadena Humane Society is saying "See you later alligator" to a long-time resident.

Tina the alligator has been with the society for 18 years, but is now leaving her friends behind for a new home at the Los Angeles Zoo.

She first came to the Humane Society after a traveling wildlife exhibition closed due to permitting issues.

The arrangement was supposed to be temporary, but the society's staff adopted Tina, building a special enclosure for her with a pond and waterfall.

"She's still a wild animal," said Ricky Whitman, the society's vice president of community relations. "She does like to swim. She loves getting her back brushed with a big broom. She does enjoy her meals."

Now at 28 years old, the 100-pound 7-foot long gator will move to what the society feels will be a more enriching environment at the zoo.

"She's been a very special resident for us," Whitman said. "But it's time for her to move on."

Plus she'll get some company.

Remember Reggie, the alligator from Lake Machado in Harbor City? He famously eluded capture for two years before ending up at the LA Zoo, only to escape from his enclosure and be captured again.

Now Tina will be moving in with him - though zoo officials say they don't expect any hanky panky between them.
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