Anchoring TV and furniture prevents tip-over injury to kids

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- You might not realize your TV and the furniture it rests on can be a serious hazard. They can tip over and injure or even kill a child. The government reports 267 children have died from TVs tipping over since 2000 and estimates about 11,000 suffered injuries. About half were under 3 years old.

Sylvia Santiago lost her daughter, Janiya, one early morning when the toddler crawled out of bed and went into the next room.

"The next thing I know I heard the TV coming down. So I immediately picked this huge TV up and just threw it," Santiago said.

But it was too late. Janiya died in the hospital a week later.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns about putting a TV on a dresser or other furniture that a child can tip over. Consumer Reports also that warns that furniture like bookcases and dressers can tip over, even without a TV on top. If you have small children around, potentially tippy furniture should also be anchored to the walls behind it.

Watch Consumer Specialist Ric Romero's report in the video above.
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