Burglar hits same Arleta store 3 times in 7 months

ARLETA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Lupe Gonzalez has only had his Arleta store open for about seven months, but it's already been burglarized three times.

Each time by the same guy, using the same method.

This time the newly installed surveillance system at Lupe's Mini Market captured the thief in action.

"This third time he came in, he broke the window, he came straight for the cigarettes - about $500 or $600 worth of cigarettes - and took the change in the register. And that was it," Gonzalez said. "He was in here for about 42 seconds."

Each time, he uses a rock to break open the door. Each time he takes cigarettes and hits the register, but leaves behind heavier, more expensive items like computers and speakers.

And each time Gonzalez is out not only the cost of the cigarettes, but the $600 it cost to fix his door.

At this point, Gonzalez isn't even angry toward the thief. He figures the man is stealing to support his family.

He just wants him to leave the store alone.

"I just hope he gets a job and moves on."
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