Radio-control car race track in Orange vandalized 3 times in 3 weeks

ORANGE, Calif. (KABC) -- Splattered paint, swastikas and words written in white spray paint is just some of the vandalism that happened at Cal Raceway in Orange.

The radio-control car track has been hit three times in three weeks.

"(They're) putting profanities and also swastika markings and stuff. I guess playing it as a joke, but I don't find it very funny," Charlie Barnes said.

Barnes owns the unique track. He said there's only three like it in Southern California. Three weeks ago, he said someone broke in, spray painted the track and stole tools from his shed.

"I'm very limited in my funds so everything is coming out of my paychecks. For me to spend another grand again, I don't know, I'm almost at a loss of words at what to do," he said.

He spent more than $2,000 to clean and repave the track. But then this week, someone dumped blue paint all over it and then it happened again Thursday night.

"It's going to have to look the way it is and you know you can't have a business looking the way it is with all the vandalism around it," Barnes said.

Barnes said he's scrambling to pay for the cleanup, especially with people coming from all over the state for an event on Sunday. He just wants whomever did it to stop.

"If you want to just hangout, hangout. But don't wreck the place because other people use this and other people travel a long way just to have fun. Don't ruin the fun for other people," he said.

He said he's filed a police report and is working to get surveillance cameras at the track.
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